Benedict Wong teases return of Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme

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Benedict Wong has hinted at the return of his character Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During the red carpet premiere of his recent project, Netflix’s “3 Body Problem,” Wong shared that there is something significant on the horizon regarding the future of his character in the MCU.

With talks of a potential live-action adaptation of Marvel’s popular comic series “Strange Academy,” fans are buzzing with excitement. Wong’s character development has been a journey, evolving into a no-nonsense yet crucial figure in the mystical world. As Wong’s role continues to progress, his significance alongside Doctor Strange is poised to grow, as hinted by director Sam Raimi.

Marvel Studios’ Brad Winderbaum has shed light on the studio’s evolving development process, emphasizing that while many projects are in the works, not everything is guaranteed to come to fruition. Amidst the chaos of creative decisions and evolving plans, the potential for Wong’s character expansion and involvement in future Marvel projects remains an exciting prospect for fans to anticipate.

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