Black Panther fights for Wakanda in new Marvel comics trailer

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The latest teaser for Marvel’s Ultimate Black Panther depicts Wakanda as being under assault. Together with the thrilling teaser, which shows Wakanda’s heroes banding together under their King to fight against the invading invasion, Marvel also revealed new variant covers and artwork for Ultimate Black Panther #1. The mythical nation of Wakanda is isolated and kept a secret from the outside world at the start of the Ultimate Black Panther series, which is written by Bryan Hill (Blade, Killmonger) and illustrated by Stefano Caselli (X-Men Red, Avengers). Together, Khonshu and Ra—known as the Moon Knights—try to drive T’Challa and Wakanda into hiding by attempting to ruthlessly extend their rule throughout the African Continent. In the teaser, one of the most powerful countries in the world is preparing for an existential conflict with the addition of new Ultimate versions of Okoye, Shuri, Killmonger, and Storm. A spinoff of Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Invasion, Ultimate Black Panther is a part of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Respecting Hickman, series writer Hill is eager to create this fresh interpretation of Black Panther. The author stated, “I was excited about this opportunity because, aside from my deep admiration for Jonathan Hickman’s meticulous storytelling, I feel like I have a platform to do the kind of expansive, epic storytelling I’ve always wanted to do in comics.”

The Blade writer also talked about his main inspirations for Ultimate Black Panther. “I draw inspiration from the past Black Panther comics, from Ryan Coogler’s amazing work on the latest films, to Frank Herbert’s ability to worldbuild Dune,” Hill said. The author expresses gratitude to Marvel and editors Wil Moss and Michelle Marchese for giving him the chance to create the series, saying, “This is something people won’t expect, in the best of ways.” Following Ultimate Spider-Man’s January premiere, Marvel’s Ultimate line will introduce Ultimate Black Panther as its second series. One of the last people alive from the previous Ultimate Universe, the Maker, started the story by going back in time on a different Earth to create a universe devoid of heroes. He was successful and used a number of gangs to dominate this planet covertly. As of right now, the Maker has vanished, and groups with disparate goals for dominating his worldwide dominion are engaged in a silent struggle. After learning the truth, a teenage Tony Stark resolves to make things right in the world.

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