Captain America anthology announced by Marvel and Titan Books

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Captain America: The Shield of Sam Wilson, a new anthology series featuring Sam Wilson, has been announced by Marvel and Titan Books. The first prose book starring Sam Wilson, who as Falcon became one of the first African-American superheroes in mainstream comic books, will be Captain America: The Shield of Sam Wilson, a Marvel Original Anthology, according to Marvel Titan Books’ Captain America: The Shield of Sam Wilson. According to the series’ description on Marvel, “Delivering an action-packed anthology inspired by the character’s comic book runs, this prose book of short stories will see Sam Wilson prove he is ready to carry the shield as he faces Skrulls, Sabretooth, Kingpin, and other infamous villains.” Several popular writers and well-known artists will be included in Captain America: The Shield of Sam Wilson, including the fantasy novelist L.L. McKinney, the mystery author Gary Philips, and the science fiction author Sheree Renée Thomas. Additionally listed as collaborators are Kyoko M, Alex Simmons, a comic book creator, and Nicole Givens Kurtz, a mystery and horror author. The new Captain America anthology will be edited by popular non-fiction author and longtime comic book and sci-fi lover Jesse J. Holland (Who is the Black Panther?, Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda).

Not all of Marvel’s planned Captain America projects are The Shield of Sam Wilson. In CapWolf and the Howling Commandos, Steve Rodger makes a triumphant cameo as a werewolf in a new limited four-issue series. Stephanie Phillips is the author of the limited series, which will premiere in October. Carlos Magno is the artist. It will be Steve’s first appearance as CapWolf in more than thirty years, following the Man and Wolf story arc by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins. CapWolf and the Howling Commandos may be a combat narrative, but it also contains horror, romance, and a few new characters that we introduce along the way, said Philips, who emphasised her joy at penning the series. And wait till you see the stunning artwork in this series by Carlos Magno. In CapWolf and the Howling Commandos, Rogers changes into a werewolf while on a mission with Nick Fury and the Commandos during World War II. The book, according to Marvel, is “Cap and the Commandos’ wildest adventure yet,” and it captures the essence of wartime narrative created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby while giving it a contemporary spin. The Howling Commandos will be necessary for Captain America to defeat a group of Nazi cultists who want to harness supernatural powers to change the course of combat when he turns into a werewolf on the front lines of World War II, according to the publisher’s description. But can Cap contain himself when he couldn’t even manage the doubtful, jaded Commandos?

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