Cast of Across the Spider-Verse makes fun of Hollywood executives for studio intervention

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At the Golden Globes, the cast of Marvel’s Spider-Verse made sure to support Hollywood writers. Voice actors from Across the Spider-Verse, Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, and Daniel Kaluuya poked fun at studio execs during last night’s Golden Globes, all the while highlighting the value of talented writers. During Kaluuya’s introduction of the Best Screenplay – Motion Picture nominations, she revealed that the three “asked that this segment be written not by writers, but by studio executives,” which caused the audience to chuckle.

“What is up Shameik?” Moore answered dryly, “Not much, Daniel,” to Kaluuya’s question. “Hailee, how are you?” In a synthetic voice, the actress said, “I can relate to you. I’m having fun with Golden Globs.” Steinfeld reminded the audience that “screenplays are for writing, and to make actors say words for the audience,” and Moore closed up by saying, “here are these nominations for movie writing, for the movies.” The cast wrapped up their bit shortly. The actors’ sarcastic, repetitious delivery served as a reminder to viewers, performers, and maybe a few studio executives of the incomparable value of well-written screenplays. Three 2023 Golden Globes were nominated for Across the Spider-Verse, the follow-up to the popular Marvel animated film Into the Spider-Verse: Best Original Score, Best Animated Feature Film, and Cinematic and Box Office Achievement. These honours went to Barbie, The Boy and the Heron, and Oppenheimer, in that order. With five prizes overall, Oppenheimer lead the Golden Globes in recognition. Poor Things and Anatomy of a Fall, which each won two prizes, came after Oppenheimer.

Despite the fact that Across the Spider-Verse was sadly not successful in its nominated categories, producers and actors will probably have another opportunity when the third and final movie, Beyond the Spider-Verse, opens. The trilogy’s finale was originally scheduled for publication in March 2024, however that date has been moved back. But Christopher Miller, the writer of Beyond the Spider-Verse, made sure in December that the movie’s development has been steady and encouraging.

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