Chloe Bennet of Marvel may have just revealed her return to the MCU

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Chloe Bennet, who plays Quake on Agents of SHIELD, may have just hinted at a return to the MCU amid speculations of a Disney+ comeback.
Although Agents of SHIELD may have been developed as a component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its canon status has subsequently been questioned following a seven-season run. The same was stated of Marvel TV’s other endeavours, including as the Netflix series, so may the agents of SHIELD follow the Defenders in returning to the MCU?

Chloe Bennet’s Daisy Johnson, also known as the super-strong Inhuman Quake, is possibly the character that fans are most excited to see return to the MCU. But regrettably, Bennet’s last response to reports of a Disney+ comeback in February 2021 was a heartbreaking “I hope.” Since then, the actress has continued to fuel rumours of a comeback to the MCU, especially after meeting Simu Liu, who played Simu in Shang-Chi. Bennet may have even made a subtle clue in an Instagram photo where she was seen wearing a sock with a daisy tucked inside it—the flower after which her MCU agent was named.

Actress from Agents of SHIELD May Tease MCU Return

Actress Chloe Bennet of Quake may have hinted that she will be making a comeback to the MCU in a future project as a response to criticism of her performance on Agents of SHIELD.

Bennet expressed her belief that the abusive tweets “aren’t going to age well” by quote-retweeting a post that made reference to her statement that “the greatest acting on a soap opera isn’t actually a huge accomplishment”:

“hey man, you seem like a…mean loser?also, i have a strong feeling your tweets aren’t going to age well.”

Charles Murphy (of Murphys Multiverse) and one of his followers had a back-and-forth on Twitter, with Murphy starting with him saying that he could not picture Bennet sharing the screen with MCU talent like Florence Pugh, Hailee Steinfeld, or Samuel L. Jackson: Bennet’s response was to the final tweet of the conversation:

“I’ve said this before and will say until I see something to change my mind: I can’t imagine Bennet sharing the screen with talent like Florence Pugh, Hailee Steinfeld or Samuel L. Jackson (could keep going). Just not the same caliber of actress.” 

Bennet may not be referring to Murphy’s statements that her return to the MCU “aren’t going to age well,” but rather his statements that she wouldn’t be working with performers of that quality. She may be alluding to her work in a movie outside the MCU with Pugh, Steinfeld, Jackson, or another actress of that level.

Beyond merely welcoming back a popular Agents of SHIELD hero, Chloe Bennet’s Quake’s return to the MCU has far-reaching effects. That not only technically makes the Inhumans canon to the series but also effectively canonises seven seasons of Marvel narrative with connections to every aspect of the MCU.

A highly despised ABC event series focused on the Inhuman royal family, whereas Agents of SHIELD went in-depth on superhuman creatures all across the planet, including Bennet’s Quake. In the MCU as a whole, the Inhumans have never been explicitly mentioned or shown to exist on Earth-616. There are many potential for Quake to return, but there are also many legitimate concerns about whether Agents of SHIELD can be considered canon. The easiest answer could be to bring back Quake using the Daredevil method while avoiding mentioning the past.

So, where exactly could she slot in if Bennet is implying that she is on her way back to the MCU for a future project? Given that Quake was last observed travelling into space, maybe as a member of SWORD, and that she might easily fit into the spy thriller, Secret Invasion has been a popular pick. Despite leaks, Marvel Studios was able to surprise audiences by including Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Perhaps Quake’s comeback will include a similar surprise appearance. The Inhuman SHIELD agent’s destiny may only be determined with time, but things may be finally turning around.

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