Chris Hemsworth and Marvel are discussing his return for Thor 5.

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Director Taika Waititi has hinted at a possible release date for a fifth Thor film. After helming Thor: Ragnarok in 2017 and Thor: Love and Thunder in 2022, director Taika Waititi has stated that he is not working on Thor 5, implying that if the movie goes forward, another director would take over. Waititi said in an interview that he “needed a break from that,” alluding to his time spent employed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did, however, also reveal that Chris Hemsworth and Marvel are reportedly in discussions to produce a fifth Thor movie. While Hemsworth’s involvement is still up in the air, Waititi is just relishing his time off from the MCU, saying, “It’s a very draining process working on these films for two and a half years and nonstop.” Marvel Studios hasn’t yet made an official announcement about Thor 5, but the movie was hinted at with the statement “Thor will return” at the conclusion of Thor: Love and Thunder. Waititi has discussed what he would want to see in the upcoming film, even if he isn’t currently working on the sequel. Waititi said his want to witness some progression with Hemsworth’s Thor in a Thor 5 following the release of his four solo flicks.

“What can I do to him now? In the book Thor: Love and Thunder: The Official Movie Special, Waititi stated, “It has to be something that feels like it’s carrying on with the evolution of the character, but still in a very fun way and still giving him things to come up against that feel like they’re building on the obstacles that he has to overcome.” He also expressed his desire to see a villain more formidable than Hela. We can’t possibly create a villain less powerful than Hela, in my opinion. From there, I think we should introduce a villain who is in some way more powerful. “There’s a fun element to Thor and he has a casualness and a sort of swagger about him when he visits these worlds and encounters these aliens that I don’t think you’d get when it’s an earthling travelling through space exploring the universe,” Waititi continued, hinting that he would personally want to add “more and more outlandish and crazy beasts, monsters, and aliens.” There could be more films in development that would reunite Hemsworth with the character of Thor. Additionally, there are rumours that Marvel Studios is thinking of creating a new Avengers movie that stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

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