Daredevil’s reason for seeking out Jessica Jones is ripped straight out the Devil’s Reign comics

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In the Devil’s Reign comics, Daredevil seeks out Jessica Jones for a very specific reason. The story follows Daredevil, also known as Matt Murdock, as he tries to track down Jones, a private investigator who has recently gone into hiding.

Murdock’s reason for seeking out Jones is rooted in a case that she was working on before she left town. In the comics, Jones was investigating a case involving a powerful and dangerous criminal organization known as the Hand. The Hand is known for their use of dark magic and their involvement in organized crime, and Jones’ investigation had led her to uncover information about the organization’s plans.

Daredevil, who has a personal vendetta against the Hand, believes that Jones’ information could be crucial in taking down the criminal organization. He tracks her down to try and convince her to come out of hiding and share the information she has with him.

The reason for Jones’ disappearance is not clear in the comics, but it is suggested that she went into hiding due to fear of retaliation from the Hand. Daredevil’s determination to bring down the Hand and protect Jones is what drives him to seek her out.

Overall, the reason for Daredevil’s pursuit of Jessica Jones in the Devil’s Reign comics is a valid and compelling one. The story highlights the complexity and danger of the criminal organization known as the Hand and the lengths that Daredevil is willing to go to in order to stop them. It also showcases the dynamic between the two characters and the trust and respect they have for each other as they work together to take down a common enemy.


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