David Dastmalchian is playing Veb, who looks like…

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David Dastmalchian is playing Veb, a freedom fighter who looks like a goo head in a glass helmet.

Veb is a relatively obscure character in the Marvel universe, but he is a unique and intriguing character with a backstory that sets him apart from many other characters. Veb is a freedom fighter, who is depicted as a humanoid figure with a goo-like head encased in a glass helmet. He is not a well-known character from the mainstream Marvel comics, but he played a key role in a few Marvel comics series and has a cult following among fans of the publisher.

Veb first appeared in the comics in 2006 in the series “Marvel: The End” which is a limited series written by Jim Starlin. The series is set in the distant future and focuses on a group of heroes and villains who must band together to save the universe from a powerful threat. In the series, Veb is one of the freedom fighters who are fighting against the tyrant Thanos. He, along with his team of freedom fighters, are the last hope of the universe.

Veb’s unique appearance is a result of the harsh conditions of the world he lives in. His goo-like head is a result of his mutation caused by the toxic environment and his glass helmet is to protect him from the deadly toxins in the air. Despite his unusual appearance, Veb is a brave and honorable character, who is determined to fight for freedom and save his people from the oppression of Thanos.

Veb’s appearance and his role in a series set in the future, makes him a standout character among the vast Marvel universe. His backstory, the background story of the series, and his unique appearance makes him an interesting and appealing character for fans who are looking for something different in the comics world.

In conclusion, Veb is a unique and unusual character in the Marvel universe. Despite being relatively unknown, he is a valuable addition to the comics, and his backstory and unique appearance make him stand out among the many characters in the Marvel universe. His role as a freedom fighter and a member of a team that’s trying to save the universe from oppression adds an interesting dynamic to the story. Though he was only present in a limited series, the character has potential for future appearances and developments.

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