David S. Goyer announces David Fincher collaboration on Blade movie pitch

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David S. Goyer, who wrote the script for the Blade trilogy, talks about the intense collaboration he had with director David Fincher on the original draught. Goyer’s early work on the Blade screenplay was one of his earliest accomplishments. He finally penned the trilogy’s script, and for his second directing job, he oversaw Blade: Trinity. Goyer acknowledged working on Blade with David Fincher in an interview with Happy Sad Confused. Fincher’s screenplay revisions and final draughts were greatly influenced by his meticulous input. In order to put the period into context and maybe save the completion of another cult masterpiece, Goyer also mentioned the projects Fincher was working on at the time the Blade proposal was formed.

Before Fincher completed Seven, “I worked on a draught with him,” Goyer admitted. “I believe he had completed Alien 3 and may have been working on Seven. We came up with a draught together. I recall visiting the office of our producers. This enormous conference table was there. With post-it notes inside, Fincher spread out 40 to 50 volumes of photography and art. This is the movie, he declared. He gave us a two-hour tour of the table, pointing out the visual appeal of various scenes and characters. Such a well-developed visual pitch it was… That was something I had never seen before. My subsequent updates included many of those ideas.

Goyer claimed that his work with Fincher served as a key inspiration for his artistic choices. Nevertheless, he described his later work on Blade: Trinity as “an incredibly fraught experience.” This is a reference to the project’s production issues, which were partly brought on by Wesley Snipes’ encounters with the IRS. All of it occurred as soon as we began, according to Goyer. It was a mess, but that’s all I’ll say about it for the time being. A violent incident between the Blade star and the director is said to have taken place while they were filming. The two are said to have frequently disagreed on site. Mahershala Ali’s choice for the MCU’s Blade revival is ideal casting, according to Snipes and Goyer. “Mahershala is incredible.” Goyer declared. I mean, I honestly can’t think of anyone better to assume that responsibility. Snipes repeated the sentiment and said that he had spoken with Ali to support the news.

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