Deadpool 3 releases first trailer and announces official title

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It’s true that a trailer for Deadpool 3 was released during the big game. There has been speculation that on Super Bowl Sunday, Deadpool 3 might unveil its debut teaser in an unexpected way. To the joy of Marvel fans who had been expecting a long time to see any real film footage, it turned out to be correct. Deadpool & Wolverine is the official title of the movie, which was also disclosed alongside the teaser. The official poster and the much-anticipated trailer may be watched below for your viewing pleasure.

Wolverine and Deadpool were directed by Shawn Levy. He hinted that the actual title will be revealed shortly before the trailer debuted, but he also took great care to withhold any specifics. In an interview, the filmmaker made light of the possibility that his close friend Ryan Reynolds might “murder” him if he spoke too much. Levy said, “That’s how careful I need to be.” “Although the title hasn’t been revealed yet, it may come shortly. Was that sufficiently sly? I think I was trying to come out as dishonestly sly. However, I genuinely cherish our relationship and partnership, and trust me when I say that it will terminate in murder. Laughs “Especially not by a nice Canadian like Ryan Reynolds, I don’t want to be murdered.”

The fact that Deadpool & Wolverine is the only Marvel Cinematic Universe film scheduled for release in theatres in 2024 has further heightened fan excitement for the film. It also happens to be the first R-rated MCU movie. Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios, has already discussed why it was crucial that Deadpool 3 maintain its adult rating from the prior entries, which required a departure from the PG-13 classification that the majority of other MCU films receive. According to Entertainment Weekly, Feige stated of Deadpool 3 in 2023, “That’s our first R-rated film,” noting how amazing it was to have Hugh Jackman reprise his role as Logan for the movie. It’s amazing that Hugh has returned. That’s where I personally started. I recall watching him at his X-Men audition from well behind the camera. His first on-set audition took place when he took a plane to Toronto to read with Anna Paquin. It’s incredible to him, me, and I believe all of the Marvel fans what has transpired in those 23 years. He makes a very fitting return in this latest Deadpool movie.

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