Deadpool 3’s release date is cancelled due to the ongoing actor strike.

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Deadpool 3’s anticipated release date appears to have been delayed as Disney apparently came to terms with the fact that the film won’t happen as planned. Deadpool 3’s work had stopped over the summer owing to strikes in the film industry, but the movie had managed to stick to its release schedule while many other projects were delayed indefinitely. Recent sources have reiterated Disney’s commitment to release the movie on May 3, 2024, citing the film’s high priority on the list of films to finish as soon as the SAG-AFTRA strike ends. But despite a collapse in talks, the strike continues with little sign of abating. As a result, the movie has reportedly been quietly removed from its scheduled release date. The decision was reached, according to the article, after it became evident that Deadpool 3 wouldn’t realistically resume production until early 2024, even if the strike ended swiftly. That just will not allow the high-end movie to be completed by May 3. As of right now, no new release date has been announced, and it’s unclear if the movie will get one or be taken off the calendar completely.

The likelihood that Captain America: Brave New World will be released early is said to rise if Deadpool 3 is delayed. The later sequel was initially scheduled to debut on May 3, the same day as Deadpool 3, but it benefits from having a finished production. Although Captain America 4 was pushed back to July 26, it’s possible that it may now open in May to make up for the delay. Deadpool 3 may also end up coming out on July 26. If not, it will probably be moved to November or December, when Marvel usually has great success with theatrical releases. There was a great deal of hope that Deadpool 3 wouldn’t be delayed prior to the collapse of the SAG-AFTRA strike negotiations. More recently, though, filmmaker Shawn Levy prepared fans for the terrible news—namely, that there was a good chance the sequel will be delayed after all. “I’d want to know. We may not even have an official release date, as far as I know. I knew that May 3 was going to be our date,” Levy said in an interview. “That release date is definitely in jeopardy because of the prolonged production stoppage and the actors’ strike. The film is half done. I have edited 50% of the film. We can’t wait to start working again and release this film the following year.”

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