Deadpool and Wolverine guarantees to raise your heart rate and lower your IQ

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The most recent Deadpool & Wolverine teaser contains a secret QR code, which astute fans have noticed. A video featuring Ryan Reynolds reciting a funny “disclaimer” regarding the movie may be accessed by scanning the link. Reynolds adds, “We’re very excited to be joining you July 26,” in a video posted to his official YouTube channel. After that, the actor gives a preview of what to anticipate from the next MCU film. “A lot of you are ecstatic. But the table has to be carefully arranged. This movie is as thin as a Battlefield Earth 2 sequel. The main things we’re going to do are laugh at one other’s expense, make enemies with Disney, tell a few dick jokes, beat each other senseless, and make a lot of jokes about Hugh.”

Reynolds also discusses the lack of post-credits sequences, stating that the movie will “completely sidestep Marvel’s mandated after-credits sequence, which, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is always just a commercial for another movie which will invariably end with a commercial for another movie.” After that, the actor invites viewers to “sit back, relax, and allow us to transport you to a vapid Dreamland, where grown men and grown women walk around in tights, and act like it’s not a massive cultural cry for help.” This is a movie theater.”

In the teaser with the QR code, Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” is playing in the background while Deadpool and Wolverine fight in a furious action sequence. In keeping with the R-rated status of the movie, the one-minute trailer has a lot of sexually provocative conversation and strong language. For the first time since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth get together in this movie, which is Marvel Studios’ only release of 2024. Additionally, the teaser informs viewers that Deadpool & Wolverine presale tickets are currently available. Reynolds and Jackman have alluded to the love-hate connection between their characters in the movie ever since the promotional campaign started. The relationship was just verified by director Shawn Levy, who hinted that the two might be reluctant allies. “Wade Wilson and Logan are built to not get along right from the comic books forward,” he stated. “Especially Logan, these two personalities are so well-developed that it will drive the other insane. Wade would truly be a pain in the ass for him. This adventure and the relationship take unforeseen turns.”

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