Deadpool and Wolverine star. Hugh Jackman makes fun of old man Logan

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Hugh Jackman, who plays Deadpool and Wolverine, takes a lighthearted jab at an Easter egg related to Old Man Logan that can be seen in the official trailer for the next MCU movie. Hugh Jackman has been amused by a sequence in the new Deadpool & Wolverine teaser that has fans searching for narrative hints. It made him joke about Wolverine’s “performance anxiety.” Three screen grabs from the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, which features Deadpool confronting Wolverine at a bar, were leaked on X. When Wolverine sees Deadpool pointing a pistol at his forehead in this moment, he takes out his three Adamantium claws from his right hand. The claws’ partial extension alludes to a famous scene from the Old Man Logan comic. In response to the post’s mention of “Old man Logan vibes,” Hugh Jackman said, “Age is just a number.” Once upon a time, someone said.

Similar to Hawkeye’s plot in the first Marvel comic, Deadpool enlists the help of a reincarnation of Logan in Deadpool & Wolverine. Logan finds himself in a dystopian scenario where the film’s antagonist Cassandra Nova’s headquarters of operations is based on the helmeted skeleton of Giant Man, also known as Pym Falls in the comics. This Logan is branded a failure by the Time Variance Authority and appears to have been abandoned by his allies. In the parallel future dimension known as Earth-807128, where criminals have overthrown the superheroes, Old Man Logan is a superhero version from Marvel Comics. After being first featured in a Wolverine story arc by authors Mark Millar and illustrator Steve McNiven, the character became quite well-liked by fans. Following Wolverine’s demise, Laura Kinney assumed the role of Wolverine; nevertheless, an Old Man Logan from Earth-21923 was invited to join the X-Men and featured in his own continuous series.

Considered at the time to be Hugh Jackman’s last role as Wolverine, the 2017 film Logan owed a great deal to the Old Man Logan persona. An aged Logan fights to protect Charles Xavier and subsequently Laura despite his waning powers in this picture, which is set in a different timeframe from the comic book. He finally perishes in battle against a clone of himself known as X-24 while defending Laura and a group of mutant youngsters. Jackman confirmed his intention to step down from the role in July 2015, when he posted a picture of Logan giving him the finger with a claw on X, along with the hashtag #OneLastTime, indicating that this would be his final appearance in the movie. But he did manage to set a Guinness World Record for the “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero” as he said he will be returning to the role of Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine.

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