Director of Echo draws comparisons between Daredevil and fighting scenes

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There may be a Daredevil-like vibe to the upcoming Disney+ series Echo. Director and executive producer Sydney Freeland discussed the unexpected announcement that Echo will be the first MCU series to receive a TV-MA classification in an interview discussing the series. Its tone will be darker and more gritty than most MCU programmes, more akin to the first Daredevil series, which goes along with that classification. Freeland talked on how much she loved the old Netflix series Daredevil and how Echo honours it. Freeland is cited as stating, “I don’t know if I can say this, but I love the Netflix Daredevil, it’s great.” “Therefore, we undoubtedly adopted the Daredevil battle, which was a small homage to that show… However, we also firmly desired to demonstrate that they are actual characters in our programme. There are actual repercussions, they bleed, die, and are killed. Again, speaking, the fate of the universe is not at risk because, in my opinion, when you think so big, you might start to lose focus. Consequently, that somewhat set the tone. In response to your inquiry, I suppose there was a discussion, but not for that reason.

As previously stated, the Echo teaser briefly depicts Daredevil engaged in combat, hinting to an upcoming conflict. Prior to the premiere of his own programme, Daredevil: Born Again, Charlie Cox was set to play the role in the series. Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays Wilson ‘Kingpin’ Fisk, made a surprise appearance in the teaser by revealing that he lived after being left for dead in Hawkeye. In the title character, Alaqua Cox plays Maya Lopez, a criminal who is still on the run from Kingpin despite her current situation. We desired something that, once more, reminds viewers that Hawkeye is a villain. Freeland also hinted to the next series, which is the first under Marvel’s new Marvel Spotlight label. “She is a bad guy. We thus wanted to accentuate that tonally. I believe that while discussing our strategy with the CEOs and developing our visual style, we kind of said, “Oh yeah, lean into that, lean into that.”

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