Directors of X-Men ’97 want an animated movie to equal Spider-Verse films

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The X-Men ’97 filmmakers at last validate what aficionados of the franchise have been thinking. If a full-length animated feature were to wrap up the show’s multi-season run, it may achieve even more success than it now does. X-Men ’97’s strong run is encouraging for the program; six episodes into Season 1, the show has already adapted some of the finest comic book tales. Episode directors Chase Conley, Emi Yonemura, and Jake Castorena stated in an interview that they are aiming for something more ambitious: an epic, feature-length animated movie. Conley has already anticipated the project’s potential at the box office. “First off, it would be a slam dunk,” he stated. “I think that would absolutely be something the audience would want to see, and we would want to be a part of.” Conley agreed that the serialized, episodic nature of the show allowed them creative latitude to explore ideas. With a larger budget, he continued, they could do much more and “do as much as we can and spend a lot of time massaging each shot.” “With animation, the more time and money we get, the better it will be,” he said. “That’s just a fact.” Although both reviewers and fans feel that X-Men ’97’s animation is more visually striking than the original series, the latter is nonetheless beloved for its nostalgic charm.

Yonemura claims that X-Men ’97’s episode production is already on par with that of high-end feature films. She claimed that it already feels like we’re producing animation and events fit for a movie. However, simply having that funding and time to turn it into a full-length film, essentially emulating the success of Spider-Verse and the most recent animated Mutant Mayhem Turtles film… A full-length feature picture is definitely in store for moviegoers, especially in light of what the most recent X-Men ’97 episodes demonstrated. Castorena said, “It would be fantastic to bring these X-Men, these characters, this style, and this work to the big screen if the fandom is behind it and Marvel allows us to do it.” Yonemura also answered fan theories on the artistic origins of X-Men ’97. “One of our influences was ’80s and ’90s Japanese animation,” she said. “Akira. Those levels from Ghost in the Shell.” She then alluded to their aesthetic choice, which pays respect to the greatest anime masterpieces, for an X-Men ’97 movie, should it be approved. “It’s like: Hey, would you like to provide the funds and budget so we can handle it for you? What about X-Men ’97, though? With pleasure,” she continued. According to Castorena, there are more plans for the program beyond the three seasons that have been officially confirmed. “I think myself and the entire team would love to keep doing this,” he stated. Seven seasons plus a film. Come on, let’s go!”

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