Disney investor criticises to woke Marvel films and Kevin Feige

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Nelson Peltz, a billionaire and activist investor running for two Disney board seats, is questioning Kevin Feige’s history with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a recent interview, Nelson Peltz reportedly publicly criticised the business and Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios. With a roughly $3.5 billion investment, Peltz has blamed the “woke” casting choices made for Disney’s Marvel films for the films’ waning box office performance. He made the argument that the MCU has been releasing far too many “losers” lately, indicating that a leadership change may be necessary. “They say we know nothing about the movie business – we don’t claim we do – but I don’t think they do, with five big losers in a row,” Peltz stated. “They were eliminated from first place in both animation and features. Perhaps such divisions need a management change.

Peltz continued, “I’m not ready to say that, but I question Kevin Feige’s record,” in response to a query about whether this meant Feige should be dismissed. The purpose of going to a movie or show is to be entertained. They go, not to get a message. Why must my Marvel be exclusively female? It’s not that I’m against women, but why must I do it? Why am I not able to own Marvels who are both? Why is an all-black cast necessary? Peltz seems to be making reference to The Marvels and the Black Panther films, however this would be overstating things because neither The Marvels nor Black Panther feature an all-black cast. Even though The Marvels did poorly in theatres, it’s important to remember that Wakanda Forever brought in more over $859 million globally, while Black Panther grossed over $1 billion at the box office. Additionally, both Black Panther films received several Oscar nominations. Though this is not exclusive to Marvel Studios, there has been a general downturn in the box office performance of recent superhero films. The DCEU on Warner Bros. Discovery and Spider-Man Universe on Sony have similarly underachieved in recent releases, a condition commonly blamed to “superhero fatigue.” A statement released in reaction to Peltz’s remarks suggests that Disney executives are not as concerned about Feige’s future at Marvel Studios.

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