Disney+ offers X-Men ’97 with a record-breaking episode count

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Disney has officially announced that the upcoming animated series X-Men ’97, with ten episodes, would be the longest season of Marvel Studios programming to be published on the streaming service. Disney said in a press statement that X-Men ’97 will have 10 episodes in its inaugural season, with the first two airing simultaneously on March 20. With ten episodes, the animated follow-up to the well-liked 90s series surpasses WandaVision, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and both seasons of What if…? Before, with nine episodes apiece, the programmes shared the record for the longest Disney+ MCU series. The MCU is going through a shift with the release of X-Men ’97. The MCU seems to be embracing the X-Men world more in 2024, with only one movie, Deadpool and Wolverine, due out this year. Prior to this, the franchise teased the former Fox universe with films like WandaVision and The Marvels. The latter included a post-credits sequence where Kelsey Grammar made a comeback as Beast. Disney’s first mutant-focused narrative will be X-Men ’97.

Recently, showrunner Beau DeMayo reaffirmed that the new series will be a sequel to the original 90s programme. With a shock at the conclusion of the teaser showing that Professor X gave everything to the evil Magneto in his will, the plot seems to be taking an unexpected turn. For many years, the antagonist has been a complicated character in the animated series, X-Men books generally, and the Fox X-Men world. DeMayo also hinted at the themes of the next series and the experiences the X-Men would have as the plot develops. “Humanity should embrace the future and walk into it together,” DeMayo stated, quoting the X-Men. “What occurs when they encounter an unanticipated future? When you believe that the future is moving away from you, how does it feel to be on the other side?”

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