Disney+ release date for Loki Season 2 moves up

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The second season of Loki’s adventures begin sooner than anticipated, according to a trailer for the show. Miss Minutes welcomes the audience and then says, “Check this out!” at the beginning of the video. An announcer then begins to read text that states, “Loki Returns on October 6.” The announcer says “on October 5,” replacing the original date in the second portion of the statement. The ad concludes with the announcer repeating the new premiere date and the time the season releases – 6 p.m. Pacific Time – before Miss Minutes emerges and cryptically says, “Just watch.” after a brief scene with Loki and Mobius M. Mobius. There hasn’t yet been any explanation for why the season is starting on a different day.

Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Ravonna Renslayer, said of the season’s filming in December, “It’s been great to shoot the second season of Loki. The show is bolder and more fantastical than ever, so the fans are in for a wonderful treat. And in many respects, which is very exciting, goes in some greater, bolder directions than season 1. During his discussion of the season, producer Stephen Broussard noted that Loki’s “heroic arc” from Season 1 will continue. “Loki was always a little bit of this outsider in Asgard in the royal palace there, and I think Season 1 was about discovering that he could be more,” said Broussard. “And I believe that will continue in unexpected ways in Season 2.” “So I’m excited for people to go on that journey with Loki in Tom Hiddleston’s hands, who is one of the most amazing actors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” Broussard said. Watching him work and use his range is wonderful. The public will likely be eager to see what more he does with this figure.

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