Echo star presents desired storyline and villain for season 2

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After the first season of Echo aired on Disney+ and Hulu earlier this year, the series’ future remains uncertain, as there has been no formal renewal. Alaqua Cox, the series’ lead, is hoping for a second season and has a plan in mind. “I’d like more of Maya’s family,” Cox stated in an interview. “I wouldn’t mind if they traveled to New York City and exacted retribution on those who had wronged them, as well as using the abilities of their ancestors. That seems like an interesting plot. And the Green Goblin. That would be really great. I guess I’d want to confront the Green Goblin. Cox expressed her desire to have Maya Lopez connect with other key Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, saying, “I would hope that she is able to cross paths with other superheroes as well, such as the Avengers. It would be a dream come true if she could meet any of the Avengers, let alone appear in Daredevil Born Again. We simply don’t know. I would want to see any of those options.”

Vincent D’Onofrio, Cox’s Echo co-star, is one of the primary stars in Daredevil: Born Again, starring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. It’s unclear if Cox’s Echo will be featured in the new program, but she seemed to be hoping for the call. The series has apparently finished filming the first half of its season, so Cox’s Echo might be brought in for the second half of the episodes. Meanwhile, David Mack, co-creator of the Echo series, hopes to see Cox return for another season of her own series. “I hope there is more Echo, but I shouldn’t say more than that,” Mack remarked in an interview. “I expect to see Season 2. I’d want to see her appear in additional television series and films. I’m quite appreciative for what those filmmakers have contributed. Also, a big shout-out to Alaqua Cox for wonderfully embodying this persona. Wow. I’m quite impressed. Darnell, her cousin, also plays Maya Lopez when she is younger. Wow. Vincent got to work with both of them, correct?”

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