EXCLUSIVE: Apocalypse Is the Last Hope for X-Men’s Krakoa?

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Fall of the House of is a continuation of the fight for Earth between the X-Men and Orchis, with writer Gerry Duggan, artists Lucas Werneck and Jethro Morales, colorist Bryan Valenza, and letterer Travis Lanham. The mutants are now free to battle Orchis openly because they no longer have to fear her trump card, which was the potential to kill billions of people on Earth if they ever used medicine developed on Krakoa. The issue facing the X-Men is that, as a result of the early events leading up to the Fall of X, the majority of the mutant population is dispersed across the Marvel Universe, making it impossible for the remaining X-Men to wage battle against a global organization such as Orchis.

When Manifold transferred another Sword space station, populated with mutants from the mutant planet Arakko (previously known as Mars), the combat in Fall of the House of X #3 underwent a significant change. One of the mutants that arrived to aid in the fight on Orchis and save Earth for the mutant race was Apocalypse, a former X-Men opponent who has recently grown to be one of their strongest allies.b Apocalypse is seen hovering over a horrific battleground in the preview pages. The greatest weaponry of Orchis consists of its Sentinels, which were created by Stark Industries and taken over Tony Stark’s company by an Orchis operative named Feilong. Here, we witness Apocalypse destroy them while simultaneously declaring that machines are the weapons of cowards—a somewhat surprising statement considering how frequently Apocalypse has used machines throughout the years. Next, we witness Apocalypse console Krakoa, telling him that he would stop at nothing to defend Krakoa after the other X-Men have failed to preserve the island that has provided the X-Men with such wonderful care. But as we’ll see next week, this battleground represents a tiny portion of the larger struggle against Orchis, and there is still more danger ahead.

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