Fan theory : The Villain of Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness

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There are multiple fan theories are running across different social media forums about
Marvel Studios Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness which is set to release
on May 6 2022, here is the one which cau
ght our eyes.

I watched a lot of videos and read a lot about the Villan in MoM, and maybe, the
answer is not at all complicated, but there holes, first a few points that I
don’t get it.

I always asked myself, why Dr.Strange didn’t asked Hawkeye to intervene in
WandaVision, it would be the perfect approach.

Why Hawkeye

Avengers Age of Ultron: He was ready for her, and showed her that he was slightly smarter
when she tried the mind trick. The mind Stone, the one that
“unlocked” Wanda’s power, was already used on Clint, and not saying
he is now immune, but perhaps he couldn’t be fully controlled again because he
already knew, or had a unconscious sense of the stone, some residue that the
others didn’t. And that is why in the future, he becomes closer to Wanda and
belive in her, and give her a chance, like he did with Nat. And that one thing
that kind of makes sense, but not strong enough to develop in the MCU? (Or
maybe is a Clint Fetish rescue Eastern European girls from the dark side)

Age of Ultron, he was the “dad” that made Wanda get out of her ass and
“become” a Avenger, not letting her fear control her.

He was near her brother when he died.(Is a stretch but maybe meant something to her)

He made her move AGAIN in Civil War, which the dad speech, and knew her well enough to bet
she would go against Vision.

In Endgame they were “comforting” each other after the funeral, meaning, they
were grieving together

Tell whatever, I can see here a little of a Dad/Mentor/Confidante between the two.

Wanda does listen to Clint, because when she was doubting herself, he wasn’t, not even
Vision trusts Wanda like Clint does

He is the person that shared with her loss (She didn’t saw, but he lost his family too in
the snap, he felt the pain, he was in the dark path mode because of grief), so,
I never understood why Clint, that obviously trust and believes in Wanda to the
core, doesn’t seem to be recognized by the MCU as such, and used when Wanda

From all the characters he would understand the loss of her children like no other Avenger


After the accident Strange became Tony Stark, one goal, one obsession.

Tony wanted to protect the World from something that he didn’t knew what it was, but it was
bad, and that became the obsession. Strange couldn’t give up being the best,
and that was his obsession. And both made risky choices that backfired, because
usually heros are the ones sacrificing things to save others, and selfish
obsessions an egos are something you will see in Villans. Cap even pointed that
people wanting to end wars before they even start was never a good idea, Tony
wasn’t signing the accords in Civil War because it was the right thing to do,
he was doing because Pepper, he admitted. Strange wasn’t training to protect
the world, he was invested because he wanted to go back to the spotlight as a surgeon.

Obsession and ego made Tony lose Pepper, the Avengers, Peter.. he made serious mistakes and
lost his life.

Obsession and ego made Strange lose his money, career, reputation, Christine, he made serious
mistakes, and put the Multiverse in danger

Strange from the beginning was cocky af. Yup he’s smart, and yup he likes to show off, and
that is a point made in the first movie, Sorcere Supreme tried to teach him,
that fear of failure is what stop him from being great, and let’s be honest, No
Way Home show us that he still the show off guy, and we know how that ended.
And was a drastic shift in the MCU tone, showing that, wanting or not, Marvel
knows the audience is growing up, so show the consequence of your actions, was
a blow, but right after see NWH I said, Strange is fucked, the bill is coming
and is not Uber delivering.

He’s not a team player, never was. As surgeon he didn’t actually care about people, and in
the movie that seems to be, at least for me a huge plot hole. Explaining, after
the accident he was focused in recover, but how many patients he denied because
he wanted glory above help, and when a “friend” surgeon did the same
on him, you knew, Karma will be a bitch. But that’s a flaw because he kept
winging about being a Doctor to save life’s, when he only really wanted was the
reputation back.

Then in Infinity War, no problem in kill or let people die to protect the time
stone, a kind of weapon that only him can use, and yes, he said “protect
your reality” “we cannot destroy the time stone, we have to protect
no matter how many people dies”. Look at the scene in the first movie,
right after he comes back to the Hospital and start to be a Lil bitch saying
“I made an oath to protect lifes”, when the S.Supreme reply that he
became a Doctor to his own ego, he goes Influencer spilling tea on her and
outing her with Dormmammu (I know I spelled wrong…), because truth, hurts,
and she was pointing the obvious, he has the hability to change, but choose not
because of his ego, that outing was straight spoiled brat shit. Bitch, choose
your side.

Still first movie, Sorcerer Supreme tells him that he came to learn, but is being his own
teacher, worrying her that he would end like the dude that stole the pages of
the book (sorry can’t spell his name), and her worries didn’t came from
nothing, remember, in the first movie she send his Astral self to travel in a
few “Worlds” or parts of the Multiverse, and made me think, if she
could do that with his Astral Self, she could do the same on her own? And she
saw the variants, and that is something to be worried about?

Steven is kind of Harry Potter, the one of the prophecy thing, as we found out in
Endgame, he SHOULD be the best of all. But there’s a flaw, Sorceress Supreme
couldn’t see his future because she Thanos herself before Thanos. So when Mordo
is training with Strange you can see the look on her face, she wasn’t getting
what she thought she would. Strange alone wasn’t enough, the plan now is put
Strange way of view things, and his rebel kind of thing TOGETHER with Mordo
unchangeable sense of righteousness. Mordo saw the consequence of every action
and didn’t accepted, or couldn’t accept that sometimes we need to make
decisions that are not exactly PC. But the world keeps turning.

Maybe, maybe if in the first movie in the “final” battle Stange took time (lol) to
just say, I got a plan, trust me, Mordo’s reaction could have been different.
After all, he was the one with no problem at all killing people for the greater
good. Maybe he could understand that saving the earth was a reasonable motive
to use the time stone, and like Wong, that actually knew that shit wasn’t right
but, you were fooled by the spider in the ceiling and now is holding the broom
with your life while your friends are recording to post in 2004 when that shit
was funny. I don’t know…

When Mordo said that the bill was coming and Strange was broke and Wong had rupees, you
know he was right, but that shit is way more complex. If only the absence of
the Infinity Stones, or in this case the use of them could break or cause
branches in the time-line of the Multiverse, start with Agamoto on earth with
the time stone, because you know he used, we cannot actually put the blame on
either Wanda or Strange being the firsts or only earthlings to abuse power
(looking at you red Skull) But if the use is still a cause, Cap.America and
Shield are also to blame with the Tesseract. You cannot say that “oh, they
used, wasn’t a big deal, let’s move on.” We have now 2 superheros in the
MCU that were “created” with the direct power of Infinity Stones,
Wanda and Cap.Marvel, and none ask for it. Ok Wanda did. We had Loki with 2
Infinity Stones on earth, using like it was nothing Vision was made with a
Infinity Stone on his forehead and used a couple of times. Jane without
knowledge used the reality Stone on earth Anyways, WTF? A fucking Celestial was
getting out Earth’s womb while Strange without Infinity Stones was tearing the
Multiverse apart. I only mentioned these events because in the first Dr.Strange
and Endgame, the maintenance of the sacred time-line was only possible with the
Infinity Stones and the break of it was also directly implied that would be
possible with the misused of the said Stones. So, during the MCU time-line the
Stones were misused on earth multiple times before Strange or Wanda even exist,
making the argument that one of them is the responsible a huge stretch.

I still don’t buy that the dude that was a surgeon, a well know, probably
worldwide, lost his concentration because of Peter, I still can’t. (Just
getting out of my chest)

Now the theory (Yeah I just pointed some things I don’t understand in the MCU pre MoM

Based on trailers, and speculations, and a leak I guess, Wanda and Strange are having
dreams about their variants in the Multiverse, why now? Why them? Is ONLY
THEM?Because Peter just fanserviced people with the worst kept secret of the
MCU, he knows about the others spider man is he having dreams too? And Wong?
Just Magical connected beings? Is Agatha dreaming too? How America Chávez
knows? All the variants are having the same dream or is just from this MCU
universe? Because if the variants are also having dreams, they can try to
communicate between them, time travel is possible, Astral Projection through
the Multiverse we already saw, variants meeting each other (with age gap
diference, different appearances, different lifestyles but all share one decisive
and unchangeable situation, the spider bite I assume), If all Wanda variants
follows the same rule, and all have powerful mind control and our Wanda is the
Scarlet Witch, can they communicate with each other? My theory is yes, and we
are going to have a evil Wanda, just like Dr.Strange, and just like Peter, with
insane powers, but only one is the Scarlet Witch. Wanda only became the Scarlet
Witch after Agatha telling her, but Wanda before becoming, and assuming the
title was already strong AF, as we saw in Endgame.

Billy and Tommy only exist because Wanda created them, and she knows how it is losing
them, and she also knows that Wanda gonna Wanda to not lose her children,
because for them to exist, a variant has to make them, and Wanda is really
going to be the one putting the same weight and pain on a variant of herself?
The scene where Scarlet Witch is on the floor crying and Wanda is getting
closer and touching her face gave me a few theories, Wanda doesn’t have the
stomach to kill the mother of her children, or maybe the other variants never
had enough power to create them, and our Wanda was cheated by a variant that
wants her power, or maybe they all felt Wanda’s pain like in Westview and they
are going for blooil.

According with trailers, and with Kevin Feige himself we are going to see variations of
Dr. Strange and Wanda.

So, the Wanda we saw trying to do a Jan 06 reprise is not our Wanda. And that’s my
theory about Wanda.

In the final trailer we can see 3 Wanda variants, but our is the one with the Scarlet Witch
outfit, and until now (Is Monday 05/02 here) nothing showed me that OUR Wanda
is doing anything wrong. Ok, I’ll explain. Yes she was studying the Darkhold,
yes we know the Darkhold is not a fairy tale book, fairy tales are scary, but
her priority when she left Westview was learn about herself, about what the
Scarlet Witch is, she didn’t knew she was a Witch, so the argument, “she
is using the Darkhold at the end of WandaVision to find her kids” is flat
and kind of dumb, she only realizes that she might find them after hearing
their voices, her expression even changes. There’s one interview couple years a
go that if I’m not wrong Benedict Cumberbatch says that talking to Lizzy Olsen
she was excited about Wanda’s new powers, one of them? Travel through the
Multiverse, and makes sense, she is the Scarlet Witch, she’s legendary.

In one scene we see her hands turning black and that was a major clue for me. Last time we
saw Wanda’s hand becoming black? When Agatha was trying to steal her powers. And
Agatha hands was black because she was stealing other witches powers or is a
side effect of the Darkhold? If is the first, maybe Wanda is stealing powers
from other beings, if the latter, Marvel has a lot to explain. But what if a
Wanda is actually stealing Scarlet Witchs power? Or Wanda is creating an Army
sharing her powers? Made me think, Wanda is a Nexus being and we know the rules
of Nexus beings in the comics, in the MCU? Nope. Kevin Feige does respect the
original source, he doesn’t carbon copy it. Just watch Wanda’s
“roots” in the comics, is quite different, not at all bad, but is
different. And that made me think, why the one full of blooil is not dressed
like Scarlet Witch and looks more like the Westview one?

The words of Mordo, you dont see anyone going after or arresting Wanda, they are arresting
Dr.Strange. The Villan is Dr.Strange. The Wanda thing honestly if you think for
5 seconds is diversion.

In older clips two lines stood out for me the one Wanda said

“If I do, I’m the Villan, this doesn’t sound really fair”

And Dr.Strange that I don’t remember exactly but is something like

“You did nothing wrong / you did the right thing in Westview”

Is something like that, that really puts me in the direction that Wanda isn’t the
Villan, but the Illuminati has her kids so going for Blooil. And she is also
judging someone.

Strange was killed several times in the first movie, dude only loses to Professor X and
Jean Grey in the Death and come back department. If each time he was killed, he
changed something in the Multiverse, yup, he is the Villan in my book.

One last remark please, we saw Wanda locked in the mirror dimension, we saw one
Dr.Strange saying “this is the only way”, we saw (and I explained
above) the Wanda black hands, and, I’ve been hearing this for weeks, Marvel
color code powers, Strange is usually Orange-Yellowish or Green. But we saw him
using red magic and in the very last seconds of the trailer purple. What if Dr
Stange actually tricked Wanda? Is not out of his character, and explain two
things, the Wanda quote “When you do you are a hero, when I do I’m the
villan, doesn’t seem fair”, and Strange one more time saying “IT was
the only way”, Strange was supposed to think outside the box, but, he’s
not delivering. But if he locks Wanda to use her Chaos Magic, guys, that would
be epic. And a reason to Wanda Storm off the Illuminati secret sexual gathering
and goes full Dark Phoenix on them.


Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”—a thrilling ride through the Multiverse with Doctor Strange, his trusted friend Wong and Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” opens in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2022.

Director : Sam Raimi

Cast : Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Xochitl Gomez

Release Date : May 6, 2022

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