Fans of X-Men ’97 are unhappy with the controversial storyline.

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Some fans are dissatisfied with the contentious romance narrative involving Rogue and Magneto in X-Men ’97. Fans of the Gambit character, in particular, have taken offense, with several social media posts claiming that the X-Men: The Animated Series sequel has “done Gambit dirty.” Of course, love triangles are not new in X-Men: The Animated Series, which had a narrative involving Wolverine, Cyclops, and Jean. That narrative appears to have ended in X-Men ’97 with Cyclops and Jean delivering their baby, and Wolverine interpreting it as a message to go on. However, it wasn’t long before another difficult relationship seized the spotlight in the revived series. This includes Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit.

Magneto has replaced Professor X at the mansion in X-Men ’97. A following chat between Magneto and Rogue reveals that the two previously had an affair, which was never mentioned in the original series. Their secret relationship was reignited in X-Men ’97, with Rogue aching for another person’s touch, and Gambit senses something is going on between them. That leaves a worried Gambit in for a big surprise when he walks in on the two of them… physically intertwined, let’s say. While this might just be Remy’s imagination, the narrative has sparked outrage among Gambit fans, who are criticizing the program for placing Remy in such a difficult situation.

Some fans may be disappointed, but the notion of a Rogue and Magneto relationship has already been explored in Marvel comic books, so it is not unheard of. It remains to be seen how all of this will play out. In any event, the issue hasn’t harmed the show’s success, which has received critical acclaim and has a large audience on Disney+.

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