Fantastic 4: 10 Actors Reddit Wants To See Cast In The Movie

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Fantastic 4 is one of the MCU’s most anticipated movies set to release, and Reddit has a few ideas of who should play the iconic superhero team. With D23 concluding and Marvel fans getting a definitive timeline of what is to come for the subsequent phases of the MCU, Reddit has been swirling with theories about who makes up the cast of the much anticipated Fantastic Four reboot. Since the original films failed to live up to fans’ expectations, the film will be under scrutiny for every decision surrounding the cast and plot, leading Redditors to think that the director will listen to fans.As with any Marvel project, Redditors have provided casting directors with plenty of potential candidates for the cast and who they feel will embody the iconic roles the best.

The new Fantastic Four must capitalize on Doctor Doom to avoid key mistakes made in the previous Fantastic Four films, starting with the casting. There are several things Doom has to have to convince fans he is an all-powerful villain.

Four astronauts gain extraordinary powers like invisibility and stretchability after being hit by cosmic radiation. Now, their biggest challenge is Victor Von Doom, an evil doctor.

Release date: 8 July 2005 (India)

Director: Tim Story

Screenplay: Tim Story, Mark Frost, Michael France

Box office: 33.35 crores USD

Budget: 10 crores USD

Adapted from: Fantastic Four

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