Funko reveals nostalgic promotion for X-Men ’97 Pops.

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X-Men ’97 is receiving a new collection of Funko Pop souvenirs starring the mutant characters from the Disney+ series. To promote the figurines, Funko released a new video ad in the manner of a 1990s television advertisement. The advertisement, styled as a throwback commercial, has Funko Pop figurines of Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit, Bishop, and a giant Sentinel with light-up eyes for the X-Men to combat with. Jubilee and Magneto will also receive unique, limited-edition video game versions in pixelated design. To add to the sense of nostalgia for the 1990s, the commercial has replicated tracking lines evocative of viewing a VHS tape, even halting at one point to convey the message. Funko released the video on Instagram, which can be watched below.

With X-Men ’97, Disney and Marvel have gone all in, attempting to recreate the nostalgic mood of the original animated series. The artwork may be more sharper, but it was created with the 90s aesthetic in mind. Many voice actors from the old show have also returned, giving the new series an even more authentic vibe. Much of the marketing materials have also completely embraced the vintage 90s theme, with character posters designed in the style of trading cards from the era. It proved out to be a solid plan, since X-Men ’97 was well received. The program has received tremendous accolades from both reviewers and viewers, and its future at Disney+ appears to be quite bright. While a second season is now in development, it has been discovered that Season 3 is also well underway. The program might run for years, and its popularity may lead to the rebirth of other legendary cartoons from the decade. “Three camera set-ups looked different in ’90s TV, and shots were often reused,” supervising director Jake Castorena said of the show’s appearance. “I wanted to discover similar denominators in all of those components of the time, because when you see certain items from that era, you know they’re from that era. However, we have to make it contemporary and ensure that it still smacks today. A lot of it was simply us sitting in a room on a large couch in front of a big TV for hours thinking things out.”

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