Hasbro releases new X-Men ’97 action figures

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Hasbro’s latest crop of action toys adds to X-Men ’97’s collectors. The new collection is an improved re-release of previously introduced characters from the series. With Hasbro’s new action figure collection, fans of X-Men ’97 have even more cause to celebrate. X-Men ’97 versions of Storm, Wolverine, Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Bishop, and Sentinel were among the seven fan-favorite X-Men characters that Marvel Entertainment used to tease the premiere of X. With the exception of Sentinel, each of these characters has been offered under the same product line before, although the upgraded versions come with additional accessories. With the exception of Sentinel, who is 14 inches tall, all of the action figures are 6-inch scale replicas of the characters and are incredibly detailed and poseable. Hasbro’s previous wave of X-Men ’97 products under their Marvel Legends Series is expanded upon by this collection.

With additional connectors, the new action figurines provide greater articulation possibilities. Wolverine comes with two detachable heads (with and without the mask) and an additional pair of hands with the claws retracted, while Storm, Bishop, and Magneto come with the standard fare of detachable hand replacements. Energy-charged cards accompany Gambit’s hand replacement, and Rogue’s additional pair has one gloveless hand alluding to her mutant abilities. Arguably the best part of the kit is the Sentinel action figure, which lets collectors build a Sentinel army by making duplicates. The Hasbro shop is currently selling the collection. For fans of the X-Men franchise, particularly those who grew up with the original program, Hasbro’s X-Men ’97 series is a throwback to the past. One of the longest-running animated adaptations of Marvel Comics is X-Men: The Animated Series, which aired for five seasons. The program started a technique that the MCU eventually followed, effectively using character appearances and Easter eggs. X-Men ’97 modernizes the nostalgia of the original with a new yet recognizable animation style. Mature topics have also been skillfully handled by the Disney+ series, and as Episode 5 has shown, the main plot of the program keeps becoming bigger while adapting untried comic book storylines. While it hasn’t been confirmed, former showrunner Beau DeMayo has hinted to X-Men ’97’s potential role in the MCU. But a new midseason trailer suggests that there may be a connection—a beloved Avenger may make an appearance in future episodes. With the show renewed for two more seasons, viewers have a lot to look forward to. Production chief Jake Castorena also hinted that additional Marvel characters may feature in the program.

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