Hints of crossover cameos from Marvel’s other nineties series in the X-Men ’97 EP

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A senior producer of current and forthcoming Marvel Studios animated programmes speculated that X-Men ’97 would be the spark that launches the misfit mutants into the larger MCU. Since the first Avengers movie came out, Marvel fans have been demanding that the X-Men join the MCU. The first evidence of this was shown to the audience during The Marvels’ post-credits sequence, where the Kelsey Grammer Beast from two X-Men films from 20th Century Fox made an appearance. Marvel is ready to fully integrate mutants into the MCU now that the X-Men are once again under their tutelage. Marvel Studios goes one step further and capitalises on the nostalgia of X-Men: The Animated Series viewers by continuing the story where X-Men ’97 left off. Executive producer Brad Winderbaum states in an interview that the show’s ambitions include crossovers with other Marvel properties.

In response to a question about whether crossover arcs and characters from the original animated series might appear in X-Men ’97, Winderbaum stated that this is undoubtedly in the works. “We have a great executive who works for us named Drew River, who manages the continuity of the timeline,” he stated. “And it goes without saying that following numerous timelines and entering the multiverse drama makes that more difficult. ’97 continues the tradition of the first show’s enjoyable appearances, without giving anything away. Winderbaum did not provide any details, but given the fleeting cameos of Doctor Strange, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, War Machine, and other MCU characters in X-Men: The Animated Series, there’s definitely cause for optimism about something like in X-Men ’97.

According to Winderbaum, there may be crossovers between X-Men ’97 and other 1990s Marvel animated series. He clarified that X-Men ’97, the original series, and the other contemporaneous ’90s shows that occasionally overlapped with the X-Men all fall within the era of the 1990s. “The potential is always there.” However, this does not rule out the idea that the programme may influence modern MCU narratives; Marvel Studios has previously dabbled in uncharted territory with the multiverse storyline and the animated series What If..? It’s possible that Winderbaum hinted at the potential location of the X-Men ’97 mutants’ appearance in the event of a crossover with other Marvel characters. Additionally, he mentioned that Bryan Andrews, who has been involved from the start, is driving the effort for the third season of What If…? Without giving anything away, that’s also the point at which animated productions begin to seem like crossover material. Although Winderbaum hasn’t revealed any intentions to break the main MCU plot, it wouldn’t be too unlikely if Deadpool and Wolverine’s string of crazy, rumoured appearances turned out to be true.

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