Hugh Jackman’s iconic Logan mask is edited by visual effects artists for the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer.

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In the most recent Deadpool & Wolverine teaser, Hugh Jackman appears to be dressing more alike than ever as his comic book counterpart. Nevertheless, in a clip from the latest teaser, someone has gone one better by digitally superimposing the recognizable Wolverine cowl over Jackman’s face. VFX designer Taran Singh shared the altered video, which features snippets of Deadpool and Wolverine together, on X. The fact that Wolverine is donning his mask makes Jackman’s Logan seem like the classic X-Men character from comic books. To help viewers understand how the cowl was added to the footage, there are also some before-and-after photos included in the clip. Watch the modified trailer down below.

It’s still conceivable that Wolverine will don his mask in the film and that the teaser just hinted at this time, keeping it a surprise. There have been rumors that the film will include a comic-accurate mask. Despite all of the allusions and callbacks, Deadpool & Wolverine was also created with the intention of introducing new audiences to the Marvel film franchise. That implies that although longtime fans will love the Easter eggs and significant returns, anybody can enjoy Deadpool & Wolverine without having to perform any prior research. “I did well academically in school. As a grownup, I’ll complete my schoolwork. Regarding the film’s creation, Levy stated, “But I am definitely not looking to do homework when I go to the movies,” as reported by the Associated Press. “I produced this movie with a great deal of love and appreciation for the devoted fan community that is extremely knowledgeable about the mythology and lore of these characters and this universe. I didn’t want to assume that, though. There is no requirement to watch this film beforehand; it is meant to be enjoyed.”

Deadpool & Wolverine is a stand-alone movie that brings the characters of Deadpool and Wolverine together; it is not regarded as Deadpool 3. The same actors that portrayed a number of characters in the first two Deadpool movies will return, however it’s also anticipated that Deadpool and Wolverine will make several significant appearances. It’s known that X-Men movie characters are among them, but it’s unclear how many will really appear.

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