In Deadpool 3, neither The Scarlet Witch nor Wanda-838 will make an appearance.

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Fans have been talking about The Scarlet Witch and Wanda-838, but it has been confirmed that neither character will feature in the next movie “Deadpool 3.” Marvel fans and movie buffs are speculating about the possible effects of this revelation on the plot of the film and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Scarlet Witch’s absence raises concerns about the route the movie will take and how it will fit with the existing narrative arcs within the MCU. The Scarlet Witch is a heroine renowned for her reality-altering abilities and difficult emotional journey.

While some may find it unfortunate that these iconic characters were left out, it also creates intriguing opportunities for Deadpool 3 to take its own distinct route and explore new horizons. The film’s creative team may decide to approach this absence in a comedic and self-aware way, acknowledging the absence of these characters while still delivering the distinctive wit and action that fans have come to expect from Deadpool, given his irreverent humour and propensity for breaking the fourth wall. In the end, when more information about the movie becomes available, it is unclear how The Scarlet Witch and Wanda-838’s absence will affect the tone and course of “Deadpool 3,” leaving fans excited to see what the Merc with a Mouth’s upcoming motion picture will bring.

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