In Marvel’s What If…?, Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch are siblings. Cover unveiled

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In Marvel’s What If…? series of young adult novels, Scarlet Witch receives a baby brother, making her Peter Parker’s adopted sister. What If Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? was unveiled by Marvel. It shows Wanda Maximoff flying with Spider-Man and meeting her brother in mainstream comics, Pietro, dubbed Quicksilver. The book, written by author and Marvel writer Seanan McGuire, reimagines Scarlet Witch as a young Queens girl discovering how to use her magical powers.

According to the novel’s blurb, Wanda trains under Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, with Peter by her side as the two battle to save New York City and discover what it means to be responsible. But eventually, a personal catastrophe splits the two siblings apart, leaving Wanda on her own to juggle her life with her new family, which includes Uncle Ben and Aunt May of Peter. What If Peter Parker and Wanda Maximoff Had Been Siblings? is the second in Marvel’s current series of alternate fiction books, which modify the well-known tales of some of the company’s most recognisable characters. Distinguishing it from Marvel’s What If…? comic book series, which has a similar idea, are the stories’ traditional novel style. Longtime author McGuire specialises in urban fantasy novels, which include contemporary characters enmeshed in fanciful plots and appealing to a younger readership. Her work on Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider, which saw Gwen Stacy assume her position as a spider-themed superhero following the Spider-Verse storyline, also gives her experience as a Marvel writer. In an official partnership with Marvel, Random House Worlds is responsible for publishing the young adult series, the first of which included Loki as the protagonist and saw him wielding Mjolnir. Out in October 2024 is a third book with Marc Spector from Moon Knight taking on the role of Venom.

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