In the Ultimate Spider-Man variant, J. Scott Campbell celebrates the Spider-Marriage

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By revealing that the new Ultimate Spider-Man series by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto would star an older Peter Parker who is married to Mary Jane and the pair has two children, Marvel has generated a lot of excitement about the project. Marvel has been offering many variant covers to promote the new series. Today, the company announced that renowned artist J. Scott Campbell would also be participating with a variant cover that showcases the happy couple. The Ultimate Spider-Man variant cover by J. Scott Campbell, which features the Parkers holding hands, will be available as a “open to order” cover as well as a “Virgin” cover (a cover devoid of any trade dress). The Virgin variation is a 1:500 ratio variant, which means that retailers must acquire 500 copies of the first issue of this new series in order to order a single copy of the Campbell Virgin version from Marvel because this is such a significant variant.

As Jonathan Hickman has previously said, “I never imagined that I would be creating a book like Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s comparable to Peter B. Parker in several ways.” This alludes to the Spider-Man, played by Jake Johnson in Into the Spider-Verse. An older version of Spidey, he reconciles with Mary Jane in the first movie, and we learn that they are now parents in Across the Spider-Verse. Hickman provided further details in a press statement from Marvel about his reasoning for deciding that the new series will include a married version of Spider-Man. When the team decided to write a book about an older Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we wanted to give him a totally different start to his super hero career than is typically imagined. One of the numerous choices we took to emphasise that this is a very “different” sort of Spider-Man tale is that Peter and MJ are married.”

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