James Gunn talks about his difficulties while writing Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3

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James Gunn, the writer and director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, discussed the difficulties he had when composing the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. On Threads, Gunn responded to a fan who inquired about if the length of Guardians 3’s writing process was because of changes at Marvel Studios or his inability to wrap up plot threads. He said, “No. Marvel made no changes. I simply found it difficult to finish. And until I left to do The Suicide Squad and returned, I was running out of steam. Even yet, I wouldn’t say that was the most enjoyable writing experience I’ve ever had. things’s only sheer resolve that gets things done.”

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Relevant to this, Gunn stated in 2023 that Disney never meddled with his endeavours, observing at the time, “Like at all the studios, they interfere if the studio doesn’t like the movie.” They don’t if they do. It’s not that complicated. Not even on the Guardians films have I ever been pressured to make changes to any of my films.” When it came to Guardians 3, Gunn said that he found it most challenging to play Adam Warlock, saying, “It was really difficult.” At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I made a vow to Adam. Adam’s species was produced by the High Evolutionary; that was the entry point. I was under some pressure to include him because a lot of this material was intended for Volume 2, and Adam Warlock was initially in Volume 2. Although Adam seemed to fit in better in Guardians 3, Gunn concluded that he “always had Adam Warlock in mind” from Guardians 2.

Funnier still, Gunn had mentioned the f-bomb that appeared in Guardians 3. The director responded to a curious fan by saying that Marvel Studios didn’t give anybody “the first fuck,” taking it a step further by saying that he would have “fought it tooth and nail” if Marvel had resisted. However, Marvel didn’t. Gunn has previously admitted that the f-bomb wasn’t intended, saying, “I told Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt to add it on set and it just made the moment funnier so we kept it.” This is interesting to note. Furthermore, Gunn discussed how he mishandled a scenario in which Star-Lord drew an extremely unrealistic portrait of Recorder Theel by laughing at Pratt. Gunn said that he “couldn’t stop laughing when Pratt lifted it up,” but he also said that he felt that Prat did a better job drawing it than he had, and that he “ruined a take that day when Nebula imitates Mantis.”

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