Jonathan Majors receives worse news again after MCU fire

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More bad news has come for troubled actor Jonathan Majors, who was dismissed by Marvel Studios after being found guilty at trial. It was previously rumoured that the Disney-owned company Searchlight Pictures has cancelled scheduled December 2023 release of Magazine Dreams, a drama starring Jeff Majors. It has now been discovered, according to sources, that the movie’s release may be completely postponed. Regarding Majors’ legal struggle and possible release plans for Magazine Dreams, Searchlight has remained mute officially. However, sources have allegedly stated that they “do not see a scenario in which Searchlight opens the movie on the big screen.” It’s also thought to be extremely improbable that the movie would even go directly to streaming, like Disney+ or Hulu, because of the marketing being too “problematic,” especially considering the violent themes in the movie and Majors’ actual conviction for harassment and assault. Majors can take solace in the fact that Magazine Dreams may eventually be released in some capacity, even if it has no official Disney affiliation. According to some people close to the project, if Searchlight decides to return the rights to the filmmakers, they may then hawk the movie around to other distributors, which might lead to a release elsewhere. Finding a new buyer, though, would still present some difficulties because of Majors’ involvement in the movie both as an executive producer and as the lead actor.

The critical praise the film received before Majors’ legal issues will boost its chances of ever being released. About two months before to Majors’ arrest, in 2023, Magazine Dreams made its global debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Majors, who had trained for his part as a bodybuilder in the movie for eighteen months, was hailed for an iconic performance. Critics have even drawn comparisons between the performance and Robert De Niro’s iconic performance as the movie’s title character in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. It was also rumoured that Searchlight was planning an awards season push for the movie. Majors’ legal problems started in March after he was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a private cab. Majors was convicted guilty by a jury of misdemeanour counts of assault and harassment when the matter proceeded to trial. Majors had not been sacked by Marvel Studios officially up to that moment, and Magazine Dreams had stuck to its December release deadline. But following the verdict, Magazine Dreams was soon withdrawn and the actor was fired. Majors insists in a recent TV appearance that he never physically hurt his ex-girlfriend, proving his innocence.

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