Ke Huy Quan claims his Loki performance was inspired by the Goonies’ role

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Ke Huy Quan, the star of Loki, stated that his experience in The Goonies served as inspiration for his role in the series. During an interview, Quan talked about his perception of the personality of Ouroboros, also known as O.B., who works as a resident tech genius at the Time Variance Authority. “When I first read the script, I instantly fell in love with Ouroboros,” remarked the actor. “This character’s personality is immediately apparent; his eccentricity, humour, and love of his work all shine through on the page. While attempting to refine my approach to playing him, I had an epiphany. It occurred to me that I knew this character. I believe I have identified him. I have to travel back 35 years to The Goonies, when I played Data.” “So many fans have approached me, and the most common question they had was, ‘Will there be a Goonies 2?'” he said. What is Data doing now that he is an adult? Ouroboros is my interpretation of a type of response to it. I see him as a Data version. Quan went on to say that the fact that Loki was filmed at Pinewood Studios—the location of several James Bond movies—further supported his theory. “As we all know, Data loves James Bond,” he stated. “He finds a lot of inspiration in the character 007.” Therefore, it seems to me that this character and Data have some cosmic links. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was playing him.”

The Goonies, a family adventure movie that came out in 1985, starred Quan, who was thirteen at the time, as Richard “Data” Wang, a member of the titular group and an amateur gadgeteer. Before Quan resigned from acting, he cited a shortage of roles for Asian performers. The Goonies, along with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom the year before, were famous parts for Quan. Everything Everywhere All at Once, his 2022 comeback to the big screen, brought him several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He praised Jeff Cohen, his longtime friend and co-star in Goonies who had now become a lawyer and assisted in negotiating Quan’s contract for the movie, in his award speech. Quan stated that there could be more O.B. in the future, even if Season 2 of Loki might be the end for the God of Mischief. “I asked Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, “Is this a one-time thing?’ when I initially got his call asking me to come join the MCU family. Or will there be other opportunities for us to see him? Since I cherished him on the pages,” Quan elucidated. “He continues, ‘Ke, we always give the fans what they want.'” Thus, I’m hoping that OB’s admirers will find him appealing enough, and I expect to see more MCU films and TV series starring him.”

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