Kingpin is seen in shocking condition in Marvel’s Echo concept art.

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Unbelievably, Vincent D’Onfrio’s character Echo’s concept artist exposed the show’s Kingpin’s bad physical condition. Freelance writer and illustrator Winona Nelson posted concept art from the Marvel and Disney+ film Echo on her Instagram page. Hey hey, received the go-ahead to share a couple of my Echo ideas that were used in the production, Nelson stated. “First up, here’s Kingpin looking a little ragged…” Nelson isn’t messing around; her artwork from the Disney+ TV series Hawkeye shows D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in a defeated physical state following his gunshot wound from Maya Lopez/Echo.

While it appeared in the Hawkeye finale that Maya had killed Kingpin by shooting him at point blank range, the famous crime lord actually survived the attack, albeit with considerable physical and psychological damage. His left eye was severely damaged in the murderous attack, as the first trailer for Echo showed, necessitating the use of an eye patch. Nelson’s concept image, however, goes a step further by showing Kingpin as having eczema all over his body. After his criminal empire collapsed, The Kingpin is also shown to be more vulnerable both psychologically and physically. Even if Kingpin is beyond his prime, the most recent episode of Echo presents a compelling plot for the Daredevil antagonist.

Alaqua Cox plays the deaf Indigenous anti-hero Echo, a five-episode limited streaming series that is the first mature-rated production under the Marvel Spotlight label. Echo is about the anti-hero dealing with her complicated past and rediscovering her familial ties. Although Echo follows the Hawkeye storyline and creates new ones for the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again, Marvel Studios presents the book as a standalone that anybody may leap into. Echo is still only a miniseries right now. Co-creator David Mack, however, believes that Maya’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is far from over and that there will be more seasons. You can watch Marvel’s Echo on Hulu and Disney+ right now. Critics criticised the series for inconsistent pacing, usage of supernatural aspects, and representations of Indigenous people, but overall found it amusing and evocative of the low-budget Marvel episodes on Netflix.

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