Krysten Ritter addresses rumors of an MCU return for Jessica Jones

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Krysten Ritter still cherishes her memories of playing Jessica Jones, and she is grateful for the affection that the character has generated. Nobody should, however, feel too optimistic about a role retaliation occurring anytime soon. Daredevil and its spinoffs, which were originally available for streaming on Netflix, have all been formally certified by Marvel Studios to be canonical parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This will be widely utilized by the Disney+ series Daredevil: Born Again, which will recognize the events of the three Daredevil seasons. Naturally, this also makes it quite possible for Ritter’s Jessica Jones to return to the MCU—even if it’s only for a brief cameo in Daredevil: Born Again or another undertaking. Ritter responded in a recent interview to the resurgent speculations that she will soon make an appearance in the MCU.

Ritter shared a picture of herself on Instagram earlier this year wearing the “Save Our Souls” shirt from her character along with the message “IYKYK,” which stands for “If you know, you know.” It was designed to be a subtle allusion to Jessica Jones for the fans to notice, and it gave rise to rumors that she was hinting at a potential MCU comeback. After that, Ritter posted a photo of herself with her hair colored purple, which fueled the suspicions even further because the Jessica Jones character has had purple hair on occasion in the comic books. Ritter is still pleased with the fan engagement, but she has indicated that nothing formal is in the works.

“I was like, ‘Oh, cute! Is anyone gonna recognize my shirt?’ But yeah, I did notice that it made some waves.”

Ritter responded, “No, I didn’t know it would get that response.” “The clothing is mine. What a fantastic t-shirt. I was wearing my favorite, which is this one. I thought, “How cute!” Will my clothing be recognized by anyone? However, I did observe that it created some agitation. That was enjoyable.

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