Marvel Movies: The evolution of cinema or its downfall?

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Marvel films have virtually ruled Hollywood and had a significant influence on mainstream culture for the past ten years. Understandably, older directors haven’t been too complimentary of the worldwide infatuation with superhero movies.

Some renowned filmmakers, including Francis Ford Coppola and Ridley Scott, expressed their dissatisfaction with the Marvel movies and claimed that the success of these films is killing out independent productions. Although there has been backlash to these remarks, Quentin Tarantino’s most recent remarks have really turned the conversation on its head.

The movie star has been “killed” by Marvel movies, according to Tarantino, who also went on to say that the actors’ characters—not their own—are the focus of the films. Tarantino remarked that both Captain America and Thor are cinematic stars. Naturally, Tarantino’s remarks drew a lot of criticism.

It’s interesting to note that Anthony Markie, who plays Falcon in the Captain America films, just made the same statement at a conference.

Movie stars are obsolete, according to Mackie. “The Falcon is a movie star; Anthony Mackie is not.”

Many would agree that Marvel movies have significantly altered the scope of film. In this instance, it’s probably safe to argue that the message affects how people react to criticism of Marvel movies. There has been a loss in unique ideas during the years that the superhero genre has dominated. To make matters worse, very little to no attention is paid to the original movies that are now in theatres.

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