Marvel presents Blood Hunt’s all-new villain team

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A new vampire gang is unveiled ahead of Marvel’s Blood Hunt event. Fans have discovered a lot about Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s Blood Hunt during the last several weeks. And now the dark, twisted event’s antagonists’ enigmatic identities have come to light. A new group of villains known as the Bloodcoven have been revealed, according to a press statement from Marvel. Bloodstorm One, Damascene, Megrim, Unusual, Smoke Eater, and Cruel are the six vampires that make up the squad. Larraz, the illustrator for Blood Hunt, provides in-depth explanations of these new characters. He started with Cruel and added, “This one was quite simple. I chose to wrap a character in razor wire because I found it to be a scary enough scenario. I then put the tangle of wires around his neck and feet, which were constantly moving like a gorgon made of metal.” Furthermore, Megrim is “probably the most vampire-looking of the litter,” in Larraz’s words. I covered her face with a crimson towel, but I imagine that the fabric was constantly covered with blood. The pleats in the skirt create forms like agonised faces. With her, everything is so intense. She has got to be too much.”

“My initial idea was to make them bi-dimensional, like a paper sheet that will cut you when you try to grab it,” the artist said, describing his vision for Damascene. “But it was very difficult to convey that idea in comics, without movement.” I thus rendered his physique in perfect geometric shape to highlight its sharpness. Once more, I choose to show no face. I think more terrifying things are expressionless entities.” Larraz also discussed the abilities of Smoke Eater. “I created a physical depiction of the belief that he inhales spirits to get their strength in battle. His unification of various creatures results in numerous limbs, which makes him a formidable member of the squad and a rather recognisable silhouette in fight scenes. The concept is that he has all of the ghosts’ eyes visible on his forehead. I have an issue with eyeballs; I either put too many or none at all on my creations,” he remarked.

Larraz disclosed MacKay’s contribution to the making of Unusual. “Jed’s original plan was to create a collage of vintage engravings that would change constantly, resembling a menacing Max Ernst image in motion. However, it would raise copyright concerns, so I came up with an odd idea instead. I began with a collection of parallel lines, formed them into forms using Clip Studio’s liquify tool, and then modified the shapes to resemble a human silhouette. I think this is the fastest and strangest design I’ve ever created.” The artist concludes by describing Bloodstorm One, the crew’s most complex figure. I thought a lot about him because I didn’t want to create a vampire superhero; instead, I wanted to create a real monster that is so terrifying that he is afraid of himself. Larraz went on to say, “He conceals his true nature beneath a flawless human shell, akin to Michelangelo’s David, which is twisted, rotten, and homicidal on the inside.” The one who aspires to be the ideal human being is the worst monster of all. I thought it appropriate to pay respect to Vlad Tepes’ armour from Coppola’s Dracula movie using the armour.”

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