Marvel shares the startling reality about several Spider-Man villains

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The real origins of two of Spider-Man’s fiercest villains have just come to light. Regretfully, it just serves to heighten the already painful nature of their tales. Ben Reilly and Janine Godbe, a.k.a. Chasm and Hallow’s Eve, are seated for an impromptu therapy session with one of the best psychiatrists in the Marvel Universe when Amazing Spider-Man premieres. Or rather, with a far less selfless version of the same figure as normal. It is evident that the Queen Goblin intends to recreate some of her darkest deeds by the time Spider-Man and Betty Brant catch up with the bad guys, particularly the ones that resulted in Roderick Kingsley and Ned Leeds’ transformations into the Hobgoblin.

In the pages of J.M. DeMatteis and Sal Buscema’s 1991 Marvel Comics book Spectacular Spider-Man, the first Doctor Ashley Kafka appeared. In her field of superhuman psychology, Kafka made a name for herself as one of the brightest brains of all time. She would collaborate with a number of iconic costumed criminals in the years that followed, including as Electro, the Vulture, and even Cletus Kasady, the host of the Carnage symbiote. Even though Kafka sadly perished at the hands of Massacre, a serial murderer, Miles Warren, sometimes known as the Jackal, succeeded in creating many clones of the original. Eventually, one of these clones seized the real Kafka’s place, making a home for herself within Ravencroft as a key member of the institute’s staff all while thinking herself to be the original. Once the Sin-Eater corrupted her and gave her the evil spirit of Norman Osborn, Kafka became into the wicked Queen Goblin. The latest information on Kafka’s role in the Marvel Universe rewrites Leeds’ and Kingsley’s histories as the Hobgoblin. Using a rebuilt glider and Norman Osborn’s old Green Goblin outfit, Kingsley—a former fashion designer—turned to crime as the Hobgoblin. Leeds was eventually put through brainwashing by Kingsley in an attempt to persuade him that he was the Hobgoblin, sending Peter Parker’s old buddy down a fatal road that finally resulted in his premature but temporary death.

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