Marvel shuffles the release schedule for Disney+: Daredevil, Ironheart, and Echo are all postponed

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The impending Marvel Studios Disney+ original series lineup has undergone some significant adjustments. According to rumours, the Marvel Cinematic Universe films What If…? New release dates/windows have been given to Season 2, Echo, Ironheart, Daredevil: Born Again, X-Men ’97, and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries aka Coven of Chaos. The adjustments coincide with the ongoing Hollywood strikes and Marvel’s goal to space out its releases so that each one becomes a separate event. The schedule change has no impact on Loki Season 2, which will continue to air on Disney+ on October 6. The second season of What If…?, which will now make its debut around Christmas Day, will come after Loki Season 2. The animated anthology series that examines pivotal incidents from the MCU and how they would appear in other timelines is narrated by the voice of the Watcher, the Watcher, who is Jeffrey Wright back in the role. The Hawkeye spinoff series Echo, starring Alaqua Cox, will be the following MCU entry. Echo will now release all of its episodes at once in January 2024 instead of its originally planned full premiere on Nov. 29.

The iconic ’90s programme X-Men: The Animated Series’ forthcoming animated reincarnation, X-Men ’97, will now make its streaming debut in the early months of 2024. It was earlier said that the animated sequel will air in January 2024. Ten episodes will make up the first season of X-Men ’97, and a second season is now being developed. Several actors who previously voiced characters in X-Men: The Animated Series will return, including Cal Dodd as Wolverine, Lenore Zann as Rogue, and George Buza as Beast. The release date for the recently retitled Agatha: Darkhold Diaries has been changed from Winter 2024 to a “early Fall 2024” timeframe. The events in WandaVision, in which Kathryn Hahn returned as “Agnes” and the Scarlet Witch captured Agatha Harkness inside Westview, New Jersey, are anticipated to continue in the future WandaVision spinoff. Principal photography on Darkhold Diaries was completed in May 2023. Ironheart, Daredevil: Born Again, and Wonder Man have all been temporarily taken from the list of planned Marvel television releases. Ironheart was supposed to debut in late 2023, but earlier this year, Marvel postponed it until 2024. When the show will debut on Disney+ is currently unknown; it takes up with the heroine following her trip in Wakanda. Currently, Wonder Man and Daredevil: Born Again production is on hold due to the Hollywood strikes. Until production resumes, Marvel is probably not going to reveal a new release date for either programme.

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