Marvel studios signs X-Men ’97 for third season

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Fans of the cartoon original X-Men ’97 may anticipate the sequel series for at least two more seasons, according to producer Brad Winderbaum. The news that X-Men ’97 will return for a third season gives fans cause for celebration. Producer Brad Winderbaum of Marvel Studios also disclosed in an interview that while Season 3 is already in development, Season 2 production is proceeding as planned. After Marvel’s What If…?, which is anticipated to return later this year or in 2025, X-Men ’97 is now the second Marvel Studios series to have three seasons. X-Men ’97, according to Winderbaum, will stay true to the original series throughout, even as it delves into storylines that transcend the comic books. In addition, he expressed gratitude to former showrunner Beau DeMayo, who apparently completed writing Season 2 before to his departure from the project.

“Just like the original series that was drafting so heavily from Chris Claremont’s work, we’re continuing that,” said Winderbaum. “The late 1970s, mid-1970s, and early 1990s are the eras we’re looking at. We do venture a little further into the 1990s, nearly reaching Grant Morrison, when we stop playing in the Chris Claremont sandbox. However, it is unquestionably based on the stories from the novels, exactly like the original series.” Renowned comic book authors Claremont and Morrison created the stories for Uncanny X-Men and New X-Men, respectively. Winderbaum attested that the plots created for the program were taken directly from the comic books.

“To be able to stay in the 90s sandbox was actually kind of liberating,” he continued. “It gave us the opportunity to explore places, be extremely iterative, and accomplish a great deal of stuff that we couldn’t have done if we were more closely related to the MCU, like Marvel’s What If…? Before taking on the role of Head of Streaming, Television, and Animation at Marvel Studios, Winderbaum wrote episodes of What If…? He claimed that the show’s retelling of well-known MCU tales maintained the spirit of the comics. A premiere date for Marvel Zombies, an animated spinoff series that starred X-Men comic book characters including Storm and Wolverine, has also been set for Disney+. Audiences have overwhelmingly praised X-Men ’97, particularly X-Men: The Animated Series fans. While the animation and tone of both episodes are reminiscent of the 1990s, X-Men ’97 excels due to its compelling ongoing plot. In addition to delving into Cable’s past, the most recent episode concluded with a hint to the potential romance between Storm and Forge, should the program decide to replicate the characters’ comic book arc.

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