Marvel’s ‘Blade’ hits pause button as writers’ strike disturbs pre-production.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, pre-production on Marvel Studios’ eagerly awaited vampire thriller “Blade” has been temporarily put on hold because of the ongoing writers’ strike. Marvel was unable to make the deadline despite recently hiring Nic Pizzolatto, the creator of “True Detective,” to work on the script. As a result, Marvel decided to postpone production until the strike is resolved. Blade’ joins a growing list of TV series and films that the industry is experiencing delays and production halts on due to the strike as one of the first big projects impacted.

‘Captain America: New World Order’ is currently filming in Atlanta, and ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ and ‘Wonder Man’ are shooting in Atlanta and Los Angeles, respectively. Marvel had ambitious plans for simultaneous filming of three movies and two TV series. ‘Deadpool 3’ is slated to start production in London later this month, and ‘Thunderbolts’ is slated to start filming in Atlanta in June. The ‘Fantastic Four,’ which is scheduled to begin filming in London in early 2024, could be affected by the writers’ strike, which poses a risk of delaying these start dates.

The strike presents a challenge for Marvel, known for its on-set script adjustments and improvisations during production. While the 2020 WGA agreement allows for minor changes to be made by non-writers, the strike may hinder the typical creative flexibility and adaptability that big-budget blockbusters often rely on. With Marvel intending to go with filming what they can and then schedule reshoots once the strike expires, the industry eagerly anticipates a resolution that would allow ‘Blade’ and other affected productions to resume full steam ahead.

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