Marvel’s Captain America characters reunite for “Cold War” crossover event

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Marvel’s decision to split their Captain America characters into two series has given them more room to explore the unique perspectives of both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. However, this has also meant that there hasn’t been much interaction between the two characters in recent years. That is set to change with the upcoming “Cold War” crossover event, which will bring the two series together. The latest issue of “Sentinel of Liberty” features a long-awaited reunion between Steve and his adopted son Ian, who has been helping Sam Wilson in his series as Nomad.

Ian’s reunion with Steve is a significant moment, as the character has not shared a moment with his father since before Secret Wars in 2015. Ian was born and raised in Dimension Z, and after helping Sam with his own problems, he has apparently decided it’s time to go back home and see his dad. However, based on the solicitation for the first issue of the “Cold War” crossover event, it seems that their reunion will be short-lived. Ian’s kidnapping will play a major role in the upcoming event.

The “Cold War” crossover event promises to be an exciting storyline, with Redacted, the former weapon of the Outer Circle who joined forces with Cap to take them down, being a prime suspect in Ian’s kidnapping. Fans are eager to see how this event will play out, and what role Steve and Sam will play in rescuing Ian. The event marks a significant moment for Marvel’s Captain America characters, bringing them together for the first time in a while and giving readers a chance to see their favorite characters interact in new and exciting ways.

Overall, the reunion between Steve and Ian in the latest issue of “Sentinel of Liberty” sets the stage for a thrilling storyline in the upcoming “Cold War” crossover event. Marvel’s decision to split their Captain America characters into two series has allowed for more exploration of their unique perspectives, but this event shows that there is still value in bringing them together. Fans can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and what lies ahead for their favorite characters.

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