Marvels LEGO set introduces the Team’s new Space Ship

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A The Marvels-themed LEGO set depicts the team’s new spacecraft, with Kamala Khan in command. The set was posted to Instagram by user 1414falconfan and is labelled “The Hoopla,” which is apparently the name of the vessel. It also includes three minifigures: Monica Rambeau (Photon), Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), and Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel). While the two adults are flying outside the spacecraft, the younger superhero is seated in the cockpit, flanked by what look to be two flerkens on either side of her. Details on the ship itself are scant, but fans assume The Marvels will acquire it as a method for Kamala to travel across space, given that Carol and Monica do not require the extra aid.

The Marvels follows the primary three of heroes as they become enmeshed in each other’s lives as their abilities become strangely entwined. Captain Marvel, Photon, and Ms. Marvel must work together to discover out what power has captured them while simultaneously battling with a new entity with ambitions to conquer the cosmos. The concept of location shifting in The Marvels was inspired by the original Captain Marvel comic from the 1960s, which saw the eponymous superhero swap places with human Rick Jones using the abilities of his nega-bands. Executive producer Mary Livanos noted that the notion was used as a metaphor for reuniting with one’s history by the creative team. “There was always a story in the back of my head about family reconnection and how difficult that can be to navigate,” Livanos said. Brie Larson, reprising her role as Carol Danvers, went on to say that the concept was also utilised as an illustration of how working in a team can be both tough and freeing. “I think this is an incredible metaphor for learning how to be a part of a team,” Larson added. “It’s a clear demonstration that no one person can do it all.” To preserve the planet, you need a diverse range of skill sets, as well as people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.”

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