Marvel’s vampires threaten her homeland while a magical mutant saves it

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Marvel has unveiled the first image of a new comic in which the venerable X-Men figure Magik fights an army of wicked vampires to protect her nation. This June, X-Men: Blood Hunt – Magik, a new one-shot issue, will be on sale. The narrative of the eponymous heroine, a mutant sorceress fighting to rescue Russia, is told in Marvel’s preview of X-Men: Blood Hunt – Magik. Author Ashley Allen (Marvel Zombies: Black, White & Blood) and artist Jesus Hervas (Marvel Unleashed, What If…? Venom) collaborate on the project. Upon returning home after the X-Men’s Fall of X event, Illyana Rasputina will encounter a swarm of vampires who are determined to use her motherland as their own playground.

Marvel also revealed four sample pages of internal artwork by Hervas that depict Magik in action, in addition to the cover artwork by Rod Reis. Using her Soulsword, Magik breaks through many vampires’ necks in one swift motion to rescue the day as a family is being hunted by vampires throughout the night. Blood Hunt, a new tale that depicts the Marvel Universe falling into darkness as an evil army of vampires is on the rise, is being promoted by Marvel as their big summer event for 2024. To put a stop to the battle of the undead, nearly all of Marvel’s iconic heroes will square off against the horrific zombie enemies. The event began with Blood Hunt, in which three Avengers met a grisly end. Recent editions of the event have highlighted underappreciated heroes, such as Marvel’s Union Jack, and seen some of the most well-known villains from the publisher join the Blood Hunt on the side of the vampires. Blood Hunt will tell four one-shot stories about the X-Men, with Laura Kinney, Psylocke, and Jubilee joining Magik in the battle.

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