Marvel’s X-Men ’97: A new creative chapter unfolds with Matthew Chauncey leading season 3 amid Beau DeMayo’s departure

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Marvel’s X-Men ’97 has recently undergone a significant update, marking a new chapter in the beloved series’ journey. The departure of original showrunner Beau DeMayo, just days before the first episodes’ release on Disney+, left fans and industry insiders speculating about the future of the series. Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding DeMayo’s exit, both Marvel and DeMayo himself maintained a positive outlook on the show, with DeMayo expressing his high hopes for the final product of Season 2, which he had significantly contributed to in terms of writing. Now, Deadline has reported that Matthew Chauncey, a writer known for his work on Marvel’s What If…?, is stepping in to take the reins as the lead writer for the third season of X-Men ’97. This move signals a shift in creative direction but ensures continuity, as Chauncey will be working closely with director Jake Castorena and consulting producers Larry Houston, Eric Lewald, and Julia Lewald, who have a deep connection to the original X-Men: The Animated Series from the 1990s.

The transition to Chauncey’s leadership is particularly interesting because it indicates that the series is planning for a longer run than initially anticipated. DeMayo had already completed the scripts for the first two seasons, with Season 2’s scripts undergoing revisions. Chauncey’s appointment to write the third season suggests that Marvel is committed to expanding the X-Men ’97 universe, leveraging the rich source material available from the X-Men comics and the nostalgia factor of the original animated series. This approach aligns with Marvel’s broader strategy of building a multifaceted and interconnected universe across various media, including animation.

Director Jake Castorena’s analogy of the creative process as “baking a cake” underscores the meticulous care and passion that the team is putting into X-Men ’97. The return of original cast members from the ’90s series, along with their taking on new roles, adds a layer of authenticity and excitement for fans. This blend of nostalgia and innovation is a delicate balance, but the involvement of key figures from the original series, combined with fresh talent like Chauncey, positions X-Men ’97 to continue captivating audiences. As the series moves forward, the anticipation grows for how Chauncey will infuse his creative vision into the third season, building on the foundation laid by DeMayo and the legacy of the original X-Men: The Animated Series. The promise of new stories and the return of familiar voices ensure that X-Men ’97 remains a vibrant part of the Marvel animated universe, bridging generations of fans and introducing the timeless appeal of the X-Men to new audiences.

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