MCU: Guardians 3 merchandise reveals Groot’s new superpower

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Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been showed off with a never-before-seen capability thanks to recently released merchandise for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Ever since his debut in 2014, the enormous, sentient-tree-like hero has been a darling among the audience. Groot showed off a variety of skills throughout that period. This involves the development of bioluminescence spores, super strength, durability, regenerative healing, and more.

Revealing Groot’s New Superpower

Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 now has a new Pop! figurine, courtesy of Funko. The miniature collectable, dubbed “Groot with Wings,” features Groot’s new talent of flight. The Pop Vinyl retails for $15 and is only available through Funko’s website. The announcement did not provide a release date. Although the newest Guardians threequel previews didn’t show off wings, viewers have become accustomed to swole Groot.

Many would concur that when considering new abilities for Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, flight would not be the first option one would anticipate. Strangely, Groot has been seen flying in his comics. The character’s 2015 solo comic book reveals that he can fly and navigate in the vacuum of space, as opposed to being employed on any planet. The ability hasn’t generally been used since. However, how will it affect Volume 3? Even while it’s difficult to truly tell, it’ll probably be kept for a significant heroic moment. The living tree has a lot of additional skills in the source material that haven’t been translated into live action. This includes telepathy, a genius brain, size manipulation, and dendrokineses- the power to manipulate anything made of wood. Could more of these abilities be portrayed on film?

Vol. 3 opens in cinemas on May 5, so we can only wait and see.

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