Miles Morales exposes one of the most infuriating villains in Marvel

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One of the veteran vampires in Marvel is joining forces with Miles Morales. Sadly, Miles and Marvel’s Bloodline are impatient with the most notorious vampire in history. The title character of Miles Morales: Spider-Man has sought out every ally he can find to fight back against Blade’s legions and, hopefully, discover a treatment for his newly acquired ailment after being subjected to a vampire’s fangs for himself. Even while it makes perfect sense for him to work with Blade’s daughter Brielle, also known as Bloodline, he has discovered Dracula, a far more improbable comrade. Even though Dracula’s assistance will undoubtedly be useful, Miles and Brielle are not inclined to stay for the famous vampire’s drawn-out rants.

The Dracula from the main Marvel Universe originally appeared in comic books as early as 1950, in the tale “Dracula Lives!” from Suspense. Since then, Dracula has transformed from a comparatively unknown character to one of the most well-known characters in Marvel Comics. In addition to Blade and other similar figures, Dracula’s influence has been reinforced by his founding of the Vampire Nation, Vampyrsk, which served as a hub for vampires who dared to migrate.

Blade has been waging a global war on mankind and its superpowered protectors in recent months. This sharp turn of events resulted from Blade’s destruction of the Adana, the corporeal embodiment of evil, whose demise seemed to fill the Daywalker with all of the malicious intent she had previously hoarded and commanded. Readers have witnessed a wave of Darkforce energy funneled through characters like Blackout and other Darkforce-wielding heroes and villains in Marvel’s Blood Hunt and associated publications.

Miles Morales has encountered the Marvel Comics vampires surprisingly often; Blood Hunt is simply the most recent example. Miles joined forces with Blade and Brielle in 2023 to confront the threat posed by the ancient vampire known as R’ym’r, who resembled bats. Even with certain vampire-specific wards and weaponry along the way, Miles was clearly outclassed by the likes of R’ym’r in this protracted conflict, despite the heroes’ eventual triumph in their undertakings.

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