NES game cartridge adorned with fan art of X-Men ’97’ “Motendo”

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A fan art work from Butcher Billy’s X-Men ’97 for the episode “Motendo/Lifedeath – Part 1” has been, appropriately enough, mounted on a video game cartridge. Butcher Billy has released the artwork itself before. The aforementioned artwork appears on the right side of the cartridge and has a worn-out appearance. Viewers can see Jubille standing in front of Mojo in the image, who is much taller than her, and Jubilee appears ready to attack him. That’s all Butcher Billy said above the post: “This is a rare one.”

This relates to a previous interview in which supervising director Jake Castorena of X-Men ’97 discussed how the Disney+ series managed to create a throwback ’90s look. For Castorena, this entailed “looking at what was happening between ’96 and ’98; what was being done in anime, what were cinematic elements at that time, and how did television look.”

“This is a rare one.”

“Three camera set-ups looked different in ’90s TV, and shots were often reused,” he said. “You watch certain things from that era and you know it’s from that era automatically, so I wanted to find the common denominators in all of those elements of that time.” However, we still needed to make it current and ensure that it remains relevant. For the most part, we spent hours deciphering that material while seated on a large couch in front of a large TV in a room.” Prior to that, former showrunner Beau DeMayo discussed how the plot of X-Men ’97 would carry over from X-Men: The Animated Series, claiming that every design decision is “actually a clue to the storylines the production team is doing” and that nothing is random. He continued, saying, “The other reason was to throw the X-Men back to a time where they’re thinking about: What part of this do I want to keep? Was life back then really easier, or were we simply more innocent?”

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