Peter Parker has demonstrated that Doctor Octopus is not the best Spider-Man.

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It has just been demonstrated by Peter Parker why Doctor Octopus was never the really superior Spider-Man. In Superior Spider-Man, Peter Parker and Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, are shown working nonstop in the former’s laboratory. Peter is busy running the statistics in relation to his enemy’s chronology, while Otto is attempting to retrieve an old invention of his. According to Peter, Doctor Octopus has changed from a despicable monster to a self-described superhero and back again, but none of his experiences along the way really matter—especially because Otto as we know him now hasn’t given up anything but a small amount of his pride.

Among the most recognisable and well-known of the hero’s rogues gallery, Doctor Octopus has made his debut in 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man, thanks to the efforts of creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. In addition to the many dangers that Doctor Octopus has personally presented, he was also in charge of the initial establishment of the Sinister Six, not to mention the team’s several iterations over time. Readers first saw Doctor Octopus in action as Spider-Man in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, written by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gauge and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, published in 2012. Following a complicated storyline in which a terminally ill Otto transferred his consciousness into Peter Parker’s body, the established antagonist assumed the role of Spider-Man for more than a full year.Not until Otto’s beloved Anna Maria Marconi was threatened during a confrontation with Norman Osborn posing as the Goblin King would Doctor Octopus give over control of Peter’s body to its rightful owner, thereby dying in the process. Doctor Octopus eventually comes back to life thanks to a mix of cloning technology and mental backups.He has tried several times to become a hero since then. Otto and Peter are currently both troubled by Estrella Lopez, who the former mistakenly turned into the explosive Supernova before spending years behind bars. After being freed, Estrella took it out on Spider-Man, whom she mistakenly thought was responsible for her predicament because she was unaware of the superhero’s real identity and the fact that the Wall-Crawler wasn’t the one who had put her through such terrible conditions.

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