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Many Loki fans, including star Tom Hiddleston, thought that the second season marked the conclusion of a whole saga. However, the actor is open to the potential of a third season. In a new interview, Tom Hiddleston discussed his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked if the tale would continue in a third season, Hiddleston revealed that it’s a topic he gets asked numerous times a day. Unfortunately, Hiddleston does not have a definitive response, stating that he has no clue what the future holds for Loki in the MCU. Recognizing that Season 2 might have been the end, the actor stated that he would still be extremely happy if it was the conclusion of Loki’s narrative. When asked if Loki will receive a third season, Hiddleston answered, “I honestly don’t know.” “I’m very happy of where we ended up in Season 2. To go from being a lost, shattered soul in Asgaard to being given a second shot and learning so much about life that he truly sacrifices himself to defend others has been an honor.”

Hiddleston does not appear to be banking heavily on a comeback, but it is worth noting that he is unsure whether Loki will continue. That would indicate that he is at least open to the concept, and it would be up to Disney and Marvel Studios to determine whether a third season is worth pursuing. It’s also worth mentioning that the program may continue with a spinoff concentrating more focused on another main character, as producers have hinted. “We did treat this as the end of the book,” producer Kevin Wright remarked on the Phase Zero podcast. “Season 1 was one chapter; Season 2 was another. It felt appropriate to conclude here. I’ll say it: I adore this universe and these characters. I’d want to keep telling tales with Sylvie and the TVA. If the opportunity arises, I would be delighted to relate more Loki stories. But more importantly, I’d like to continue working with the crew who created these two seasons of the program.”

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